One of the only tourist facilities actually within the Yasuni National Park, our location sets us apart from nearly all other Amazon lodges. About an hour by motorized canoe from the center of the Mandari Panga community, our campsite in nearly untouched rainforest along the Tiputini River is totally isolated from other lodges and communities offering peace and tranquility unmatched by any other lodge. Indeed, few humans have ever explored this part of the Amazon.


Our tour begins in Coca, where you'll be met by our staff when you arrive and we begin our journey in private transportation traveling south along a major paved road for about 40 minutes. We then turn onto a dirt road used primarily by oil companies, and we’ll travel along this road for about 45 minutes to the entrance of the Yasuni National Park and the Tiputini river. There, we board a motorized canoe and begin our journey to the camp. At the beginning of our journey in our canoe, the National Park will be on the right bank of the river, while we’ll see a few homes and small farms on the left bank. After about 30 minutes, we’ll pass the Mandari Panga community and enter into the into the untouched rainforest of the Yasuni National Park, and after another 20 to 30 minutes we’ll arrive at the Mandari Panga camp. The total travel time is about 2.5 hours.