Herping Tour


Yasuni National Park sits at the intersection of the Amazon, the Andes, and the equator, converging several unique ecosystems and creating one of the richest biodiversity hotspots on the planet. This rainforest contains the highest diversity of amphibians and reptiles on the planet and is a must-experience for all the herp enthusiasts out there. From bushmasters and tree boas to caiman lizards, anoles and fingered leaf frogs this will be your herping experience of a lifetime!

Minimum 2 persons 


Itinerary (sample)
Day 1: Arrival at Mandari Panga

Upon arrival in Coca (airport or bus terminal), you’ll be met by your local guide. Depending on your time of arrival, you’ll have a chance for breakfast (not included) at “Maitos del Yasuní” a typical restaurant created by the association Challuwa Mikuna to benefit indigenous women.

We’ll then begin a journey of about an hour and 45 minutes in land transport, during this route we will make a couple stops to start birding. Once we arrive at the Tiputini river port we will enjoy a packed lunch and begin our adventure. We embark on a serene journey down the meandering river, nestled within the graceful embrace of our canoe. Our eyes eagerly scan the verdant banks, anticipating the arrival of avian companions. Soon, a vibrant kaleidoscope of feathered wonders graces our vision: elegant herons gracefully stalking their prey, darting kingfishers with their vibrant plumage, and gentle swans gliding serenely along the water’s surface.

When we arrive at the camp, you will have time to get to know the facilities and settle into your tent. Indulge in a refreshing welcome drink before savoring a delectable candlelit dinner that awaits you in the main house.

Day 2 to 5:

Each day’s activities will be planned the night before, based on weather conditions, animal activity, sightings, and current hotspots known by the local guides. This area has different environments: terra firme and igapo forest, black water lagoons, and white water rivers.

Day 6: Return to Coca

Breakfast will be served early in the morning (depending on the time of the group’s flight departure). We’ll begin our trip in our motorized canoe for about an hour and a half; during the relaxing trip, you can say goodbye to the beauty of the Amazon rainforest. We’ll then be met at the shores of the river and travel overland for about an hour and a half back to Coca, where you’ll be dropped off at the airport for your return to Quito or travel to your next destination.