The Camp

The Camp

Distinct from any other lodge in the Amazon, Mandari Panga Camp is a unique option for your visit to the spectacular Amazon region of Ecuador. Located in an isolated zone of nearly untouched rainforest within the Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, this campsite is designed to give visitors the most authentic experience possible in this fantastic region. We offer accommodations in comfortable tents, safari style, instead of enclosed cabins. Connect with the jungle in a way not possible in a traditional lodge; experience the sounds of the birds, animals, and rivers and sense your surroundings in your sheltered, elevated comfortable tents.


Our tents are set up on large sheltered elevated platforms, built with traditional techniques and elements, complete with a chair and a hammock for relaxing during your stay.

Ten elevated platforms with spacious safari-style tents. 5 with a view of the Tiputini River, 4 with a view of the Yutzuyacu River, and 1 with a garden view.

8 platforms (4 x 4 meters) with 2 twin beds or 1 king size bed.

2 platforms (5 x 5 meters) with 1 full bed with 2 twin size beds.

amazon yasuni camp

Twin bed tent

amazon yasuni camp


amazon yasuni camp

Matrimonial bed tent

amazon night camp



There are 2 bathroom structures, each with 2 showers and 2 ecological dry toilets. Hot water is not available at the camp.

amazon yasuni camp

Restaurant and Bar

A spacious 2-level traditional style structure is used as a common area, with a restaurant, bar and a small shop on the first floor, and a living room with a view on the second.

Enjoy delicious and distinctive cuisine, prepared with locally family grown products from the Ecuadorian Amazon, and great service from local community members dedicated to your satisfaction.

amazon yasuni camp

Main house

amazon yasuni camp


amazon yasuni camp

Bar and lounge area

Basic services


Filtered water is used for cooking, and large bottles of purified water are available for drinking and to refill water bottles.  


A small solar panel and battery are used to charge phones, cameras and similar. Otherwise there is no electricity at the camp.

Our Mission

To provide an alternative for the residents of our community to improve their quality of life while maintaining our customs, ancestral roots, and our native language, all directed towards the goal of contributing to the conservation and protection of the Yasuni National Park ecosystem.


Every visitor to this project makes a significant contribution on an even grander scale: tourism offers a strong incentive to say no to oil interests. It sends a signal to local and national leaders that the Amazon region is something of great value to the people of Ecuador and must be protected.

Our Goals

The goals of the Mandari Panga project are to improve opportunities for the local people, encouraging them to value the special and unique place they call home and to preserve and protect it for future generations.

While privately administered by a dedicated couple from Mandari Panga, profits are directed to projects in the Mandari Panga community, designed primarily to improve education and health care for the residents of this remote area.

Our Team

All of the Mandari Panga staff, from cooks, guides, sales, and marketing people to its owners, are committed to responsible tourism. Protecting our culture and the amazing Amazon rainforest that our people call home is always a top priority.